Ceres Farm produces premium agricultural produce distributed throughout Australia and overseas

Established in 1994, Ceres Farm is an Australian family owned and operated business. Owners Matthew and Melanie Gray are both second generation farmers who have a passion for the outdoors and farming life.

Ceres Farm is a horticultural and broadacre farm producing a range of watermelons, pumpkins, sunflowers, chickpeas, chia, maize and more.

Matthew Gray – Managing Director

Matt is originally from a wheat and sheep farm in the wheatbelt town of Merredin, Western Australia. His background both as a diesel mechanic together with previous farm experience has given him great insight into the operations of farming and machinery. This experience has proved invaluable on the farm and for the business.

Melanie Gray – Director

Farming is second nature to Melanie who was raised on a nearby Kununurra horticulture and broadacre farm. With a background in accounting and finance, Melanie manages a range of areas in the business from planning the next seasons crops to examining costs and managing the finer details of a successful farm.

“We are privileged to have the knowledge and upbringing we did. We’re experienced and adaptive, and pride ourselves in producing some of Australia’s best produce. This business is a big part of who we are and our family, and we look forward to sharing our delicious produce with you!” – Melanie Gray


Ceres Farm has operated on the rich, fertile lands of their Ord River property since 1994. The quality soils, abundance of water through the Ord Irrigation Scheme and the favouring climate, make the Kimberley region an optimal area to produce our premium produce.

These key climatic features have also provided Ceres Farm with the perfect conditions to test and discover various new crops. These include cotton, sunflowers, chia and various other specialty harvests. Due to our unique climate, we can grow and supply summer fruits and vegetables throughout the year, including the winter months.